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for harpsichord and orchestra

commission of commission of Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne and Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
first performances » 11-13/09/2022 » Philharmonie Cologne » Mahan Esfahani - harpsichord
Gürzenich Orchestra, François-Xavier Roth
Bärenreiter BA 11199

durata » 23’

to my mum, for making it
to Mahan Esfahani, François-Xavier Roth and Gürzenich Orchestra to play
to Patrick Hahn to enjoy

harpsichord solo

2 flutes (muta ad libitum for 2 alto or 2 bass flutes)
2 oboes
2 clarinets (in B)
2 bassoons

4 French horns
2 trumpets (in C)
3 trombones

percussion 1 – marimba, suspended cymbal high, hobbyglass medium*
percussion 2 – marimba, hobbyglass large*
percussion 3 – vibraphone, hobbyglass small*, suspended cymbal high, temple blocks high in G# and A
*transparent polystyrene sheet 2mm, approx sizes: large 250x500mm, medium 250x100mm, small 50x100mm


strings (12, 10, 8, 6, 4)
double basses with C strings
violins, violas, violoncelli each one hard boiled egg cutter “harp” (only the metallic harp)
all strings have a set of extremely heavy excercise mutes (metallic) and of usual mutes