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for ensemble

commission of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Gustavo Dudamel, Music & Artistic Director
first performance » 13/11/2018 » Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall » Los Angeles Philharmonic, Susanna Mälkki
Bärenreiter BA 11172-72

durata » 13’

for the Los Angeles Philharmonic to celebrate their centenary and Susanna Mälkki
and for my sister Michaela on her birthday

Flute / Bass Flute
Clarinet in Bb

French Horn
Trumpet in C

3 Percussionists
1. Marimba 1
2. Marimba 2
3. Vibraphone


Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass

Program Note

I’m standing on the shore under a tall mast.
A huge flag sits still above, probably forgotten from some recent celebration.
Now and then a fine movement passes through the flag before leaving it stagnant again.
The air all around starts to heat up.
The flag changes.
It becomes a liquid tide.
It becomes a straight flame.
It loses its form entirely to the blaze around it.
Its final threads frazzle into gusts of burning sparks.

  LA Phil has its centenary season.
Coincidentally, my homeland has a centenary too.
We celebrate these things while everything around us keeps overheating.

  Celebration is a joy of responsibility.
The responsibility to ask:
Do we care more about the flags or the heat?