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(mostly available on streaming platforms)

move 03
Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo, Pierre-André Valade
Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo (2018)

Chamber Music
Pouhou vlnou, Engrams, Tree of Heaven, Simple Space
Quatuor Diotima, Wilhem Latchoumia
Naïve Classique V 5433 (2016)

Fan Faire
version for 10 horns
Munich Opera Horns
Farao Classics B 108 072 (2013)

Coronae new recording
for French horn solo
Saar Berger
CD 5028464 Ensemble Modern
Farao Classics B 108 072 (2013)

Dvořák: Stabat Mater
version 1876 for choir and piano reconstructed by Miroslav Srnka
Alexandra Coku - soprano, Renata Pokupic - alto, Pavol Breslik - tenor, Markus Butter - bass, Brigitte Engerer - piano, Accentus, Laurence Equilbey - conductor
Naive V5091 (2008)

String Quartet
Arditti Quartet
Young Blood - His Voice Sampler 3 (2005)

Rodíme! / We Are Giving Birth!
sound art
Radiocustica Selected - Czech Radio (2003)